When I get a message from
Circle of 6, I know to take
it seriously.

Circle of 6 U provides students with their own engaging, easy to use, safety plan.

Already in use for 150,000, students, we customized our signature app for student bodies across the country, and helped campuses stay in compliance with the Campus Sexual Violence Elimination (SaVE) Act.

Due to the volume of requests and our commitment to security and sustainability, in 2017 we will not be offering customization services for schools.

Paired with extensive and holistic prevention education, Circle of 6 U can be part of achieving behavioral change. Learn more about our pro-social impact at Williams College after a year of tracking usage, surveying students and extensive education. (Read data summary here)

What they say

Circle of 6 U is about building the culture we want on our campus, a culture in which people feel someone will have their back and a culture in which people feel they owe it to the community to make sure it’s safe.
MEG BOSSONG Director of Sexual Assault Prevention and Response,
Williams College
HWS is committed to fostering a culture of respect and safety on our campus, and the Circle of 6 U app is an effective tool that enhances safety and encourages our students to be pro-social bystanders.
TEMPE NEWSON Assistant to the Associate VP
for Student Affairs & Dean
of Students,
Hobart and William Smith Colleges
UCLA wants to invest in the future of safety and technology. Circle of 6 is simple, easy, and practical, and harnesses the conversations about sexual violence that otherwise would not be had on our campus.
AVI OVED University of California Student Regent