Springing into Action On and Off Campus for #SAAM

Dear Circle of 6 Community,


Spring is upon us, and so far 2016 has been a year of blossoming! With so many of our partners stepping up to take down sexual assault we couldn’t be more proud of our place in this community. We have seen our impact extend to middle and high schools, Twitter, even the White House! As we wrap up Sexual Assault Awareness Month let’s take a moment to celebrate our progress:

We were honored to participate in the Champions of Change event at the White House this month. In observation of Sexual Assault Awareness Month and in conjunction with the “It’s On Us” campaign, the administration organized a celebration of campus leaders combating sexual assault. We greatly admire the dedication of countless student activists working together to make their campuses safer places for everyone. With the gravitas of the White House backing up their efforts we can only hope to see the conversation surrounding the epidemic of sexual assault expand and deepen.

To that end we sincerely hope that the administration will see the “It’s On Us” campaign as a jumping off point to a dialogue. While the work these capable young people are doing is to be commended, it is vital that we recognize that campus organizers can only take this discourse so far without support and collaboration from campus administrations. Too many Colleges and Universities remain indifferent, and at times hostile, to students who stand up and demand to address campus rape culture. And frankly, it’s not just on us, it’s on them. It’s on institutions with the power to affect change to devote real time, energy, and funding to the epidemic of campus assault. Prevention programs, education surrounding the issue, and true judicial parity on campus are the path to accountability and real change. As evidenced by our trip to the White House, students are already leading the charge. Now it’s time for administrative leaders to step up.

left to right: Nancy Schwartzman, Jamia Wilson (Women Action and Media), Patrica Cartes (Twitter) are among the fabulous collaborators of Twitter's #positionofstrength

left to right: Nancy Schwartzman, Jamia Wilson (Women Action and Media), Patrica Cartes (Twitter) are among the fabulous collaborators of Twitter’s #positionofstrength

Meanwhile in the Twittersphere, we are proud to be inaugural members to the Twitter Trust & Safety Council. The media giant announced the committee of over 40 organizations from 13 regions worldwide in February, with the aim of ensuring safety and support amongst twitter activists. This was followed up by a panel #positionofstrength designed to specifically target and uplift the discourse of women in online settings. Circle of 6 is happy to lend our expertise and unique blend of transmedia activism to  make social media a safer place for women to have their voices heard.

A warm welcome to Lina Srivastava, our esteemed new board member! Photo Credit: Karmen Ross

A warm welcome to Lina Srivastava, our esteemed new board member! Photo Credit: Karmen Ross

Joining us in our efforts, we are beyond thrilled to welcome to our advisory board Lina Srivastava! Lina joins us as an established and esteemed leader in the field of social impact, and transmedia activism. Her work spans from design consultation for some of the world’s biggest social impact organizations (UNESCO, UNICEF, ), legal campaigns for award winning Documentaries, to storytelling workshops and lectures (TEDx, MIT Media Lab) She recently published “Solving for a Technology Revolution Designed Primarily for Men” announcing her collaboration with Circle of 6, making a case for Tech 4 Good. We will no doubt benefit immensely from her expertise.

With your support we can continue our work, and keep strengthening our circles. So keep your circles updated, keep spreading the word, and help us keep our fantastic community growing!




Nancy Schwartzman

CEO, Tech 4 Good

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