Who We Are

Circle of 6 is a project of Tech 4 Good, LLC.

Tech 4 Good, LLC. is a human rights mobile start-up. Bringing our experience with youth culture, storytelling, code and design we develop engaging tools and campaigns to support a culture of connectivity and accountability.

Our CEO, Nancy Schwartzman, is a documentary filmmaker, media strategist and gender-based violence prevention expert.

Our CTO, Christine Corbett Moran is a PhD candidate in Computational Astrophysics and builds mobile products in the social entrepreneurship space.

Our Creative Director, Thomas Cabus is an award-winning cross-platform designer and fine-art photographer.

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YTH and The Line Campaign, Inc., created the Circle of 6 mobile application in 2012 and each has since sold its entire interest in that project to Tech 4 Good, LLC.