Privacy Policy

By downloading the app, you agree to the following terms and guidelines for use. No personally identifying information about users of the app is collected by us. You agree that you will only use the app for its stated purpose: To prevent violence and abuse within your Circle of 6.

Please note: Individuals who download the app and join Circles of 6 are ultimately responsible for their usage of the app. We encourage all users to use discretion; never send unwarranted alerts or provide personal information about people in your Circle to anyone without permission. If you receive an SMS alert from someone in your Circle, you agree to provide requested support or otherwise notify the person in danger that you are unavailable.

Circle of 6 is not a substitute for medical or psychological professional support and counseling. Circle of 6 is not meant to be used to as means to send commercial advertisements or links redirected to pay sites. If we are notified that people are using the app to send product offers or services for sale, these people and/or entities are subject to suspension of app privileges. Circle of 6 and its creators are not liable for any damages resulting from usage of the app.

Circle of 6 does not collect information about our users. We may modify the terms of service of the app from time to time, as required, without notice.

Any expressions of hatred, bigotry, abuse or harassment will not be tolerated by Circle of 6. If you are having problems with another person regarding these issues, please send an email to If you feel another person is violating these community and membership guidelines, please contact us at