Privacy Policy

The Circle of 6 App does not collect any data on how our app is being used aside from basic metrics provided by Apple and Android: the number of downloads and in what countries.

Circle of 6 U is collecting anonymous and aggregate data from users.

By “anonymized and aggregated” we mean that all the information we collect is stripped of any personal identifying information, such as name or location. We only collect anonymous actions to help us measure impact and improve the service. This Policy in no way restricts or limits our collection and use of aggregate information.

Circle of 6u collects anonymized and aggregated data, such as: name of university, button clicks, clicks on external links and accessing university resources.

What we do not collect:

The platform does not collect or transmit personal data of any kind. All personal information is stored directly on the phone, and is automatically deleted if the user deletes the application.

We do not collect or track:

  • Names and telephone numbers
  • SMS Content
  • GPS coordinates
  • User actions (in association with a specific user)

We store locally and never transmit:

Names and telephone numbers

Important: Circle of 6 enables users to send text messages: these messages are sent through the user’s preferred message application (or message client), such as the iPhone’s Messages app. Any information in the text messages (such as GPS coordinates) will be stored in that application. So, even if Circle of 6 does not collect that information in any way, please be aware that we don’t have any control over how your message application, or mobile company, manages that data.