How to Help

Being in someone’s circle is a sign of friendship and trust, but it is also a great responsibility. By being in someone’s circle, you’re agreeing to not just be a bystander, but to be an upstander, and to be accountable to your friends. But what does that mean? And how can you help even if you never get a Circle of 6 text? Here are some basics:

Get informed. Learn about sexual assault and dating violence. Read our healthy relationships toolkit and check out the resources on the right hand side of this page on how to support a survivor and do your best to prevent assault.

Listen up. If a friend comes to you and tells you they’ve been assaulted or abused, listen to them. Ask what they need. Support your friend however they ask you to, whether it’s sitting quietly with them or talking about their feelings. Don’t be a vigilante or “take matters into your own hands.” This is about your friend, not you.

Prevent! Call out harassment when you see it. Stand up to “jokes” about sexual assault. Talk to your friends about why cat calling isn’t cool. If your friend asks you to call them or come get them–through Circle of 6 or in any other way–do it or help them find someone who can.